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Jiangsu Guoli Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in January, 1995, with register capital of RMB 60 million Yuan. It covers an area of 63000m2 in Jiangsu Economic Development Zone. And it is a high-tech enterprise specialized in research, development, manufacturing and selling of rubber adhesive, anti-aging agent, and tackifier etc.

Jiangsu Guoli Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production of resorcinol-methyl aldehyde-silica bonding system rubber adhesives, mainly including rubber adhesive A, RA, RA-65, RE, RS, RH, AS-88 and GLR-20 etc., with annual production capacity of 30,000 tons, which are in great demand in various big tire manufacturers around China. Products have ever been honored as "High- and New-tech Products in Jiangsu Province", "Quality Products in Jiangsu Province", "Brand-name Products in Wuxi City", to name just a few. Products have now been exported to South Korea, Italy, the US and Taiwan,etc.

Add:Xingli Road,Economic Development Zone,Yixing,Jiangsu,China
Domestic sales Tel: +86-510-87121119 Foreign sales Tel: +86-510-87128002
Contact: Charlie Bu Fax: +86-510-87124388
Website:www.guolitech.com E-mail:sales@guolitech.com



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